Hangry is a real thing

My twinnies have been in prep for 8mths now and one my biggest challenges is the kids’ mood. School makes them tired. Tired kids are cranky kids. Cranky kids make me crazy and I don’t need any more crazy.

Food is my big saviour, not just me binge-eating my hidden chocolate stash after they go to bed but food for them. I’ve always known this… somedays I forget and then I get a rude and LOUD reminder. Hangry (angry due to being hungry) is a real thing. Its been the cause of many melt-downs in this household. I’ve devoted a whole kitchen shelf just for their snacks that they can grab whenever. Mainly fruit because I’m still a you’re-sweet-enough-no-more-sugar meanie. I feed my kids in the car ALL THE TIME. Screw a tidy car thats not decorated with sultanas, popcorn and apple cores. I’d take kids too busy to fight because they’re stuffing their faces over the screams of someone getting their hair pulled anyday.

We’ve rushed home and eaten plain pasta because a storm of hangry was on the horizon. I would have made toast but forecasts predicted an earlier downpour of whine. Big Bubba Boy has breakfasted on plain bread cos apparently I was taking too long to pour him a cup of milk. All roadtrips need snacks. Even the ones just to the local shops. I need an emergency stash in the car for when all food is gone and an extra emergency stash for when I forget to top-up the first emergency stash.

Hangry is real, my friends. Keep safe. Stay protected. Keep crackers in your bag.