Why I don’t have time to blog anymore

I used to get asked all the time by my friends, “How do you have time to blog with twins!”. There was plenty of time to blog. The twins went to bed early. I ate dinner and then I blogged in front of the TV. Now, I’m too stuffed to blog after I put the twins to bed. Most nights its a HUGE process putting them to bed. Little Mister and Miss are almost 5 and they know its coming. We do the same thing every night. Its not something that is sprung on them and they’re like “WHAT!?!?”.

But every night they fight us. Our routine is the same, no matter the day or the hour. Its pajamas, toilet, milk, vitamin, cuddle, kiss and then the door is closed. And their routine is always the same, “I didn’t go to the toilet!” “Pee Peeeeeeeeeeeeee!” “Papa didn’t hug me” “I want more cuddles” “One more cuddle and then I’ll go to sleep.” “I had a nightmare” “Where’s <insert fave soft toy>” “I’m thirsty” “How come you get to stay up late”

Its exhausting.

Big Bubba Boy is easy to put to bed. He wants to go to bed. All he needs is booby milk and his blankey and then he is ready to pass out. The twins were the same (minus the blanket). I miss how easy bedtime was….. ok, I probably should take off my rose-tinted glasses!

So not looking forward to THREE children negotiating their bedtime. It makes me tired just thinking about it.