My Lil Stalker

Having another bubba is like travelling through time. You get flashbacks and serious cases of deja vu. What really spins my mind though is how much I forgot. I knew I would forget things but there were just some things that I thought I would never forget. Not because having twins is such an intense experience (which it is) but because they happened again and again, day after day, month after month…Surely that kind of repetition would be burned into your brain???

Here’s a quick list of things I forgot:

  • How much of a stalker bubs are. Big Bubba Boy needs to be less than a metre from me at all times. Preferably in my arms. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the shower, on the toilet, getting dressed, making lunches, brushing Little Miss’s hair {ARGH} You get the idea.
  • How much of a zookeeper I felt like when I’m in the kitchen preparing food and Big Bubba Boy is hanging off the kitchen child gate.
  • How quiet and dark the world is at 4am.
  • How quickly they grow! Big Bubba Boy has more than doubled in size since he was born! And that’s saying alot since he weighed 4.68kg (10 pound 5) at birth.
  • How excited they become when you pick them up from Family Day Care or Grandmas. Big Bubba Boy trys to jump out of people’s arms or scorch the floor with his speedy crawling to get to me as quickly as he can. The twins used to do that. Now I get a quick “MAMA!” before they run back to do what they were doing previously, which is not the same.
  • How sloppy bubba kisses are. My cheeks are covered in drool after Big Bubba Boy plants one on me.

This is why I write and why the Papa Bear takes a million and one photos. We want to remember it all.