Crying it out Vs Not Doing that

I really hate this debate. It annoys me. And I guess it does because I’ve used both methods and both methods have worked for me. My Big Bubba Boy and Little Miss were (and are) my cuddle-and-put-back-to-bed bubbas. I breastfeed and rock Big Bubba Boy to sleep, and like his big sister, he falls back to sleep easily (except when he’s sick or teething but thats another story).

Little Mister did not want to go to sleep. The world was too exciting or he didn’t know how to sleep. I rocked and breastfed. I went on long pram rides (which Little Miss hated) and I cuddled. Lots of cuddles. But still he screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed. He didn’t have colic or reflux. He was well fed. No wind and he wasn’t too hot or too cold. I went through all the what-am-I-doing-wrong options. Little Miss was sleeping. Why wasn’t he??? It got to the stage when it just made sense to me that he may as well scream in his cot (and me check up on him every few minutes) than scream in my arms (which wasn’t helping him to sleep). And it worked. Controlled comforting worked for him.  He started sleeping and became a happier baby and I became a much happier mama.

My point? Every baby is different. Every mama is different. There is no one size fits all and just because one method of parenting worked for one baby, doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours. Even in the same family! You just have to try and listen to your mama instincts and follow what you feel comfortable with. Which I know, is soooooooo easy to say but harder to do.

Parenting is hard work and slamming a person’s parenting style when the mama is trying her best to be the best mama she can be, just makes the job harder.