Weekend Notes

Twins 4mths chattingThis whole weekend, I’ve been wishing that the twins were itty bitty again. Well, maybe not itty bitty. I think 4mths would be ok. I didn’t realise how good I had it. The sleep deprivation may have been bad but the twinnies were immobile. They weren’t getting into everything and anything. And thanks to Little Mister and Miss getting taller, the ‘everything’ list is getting longer.

They’re now banned from the bathroom after one too many shots of toothpaste. If you need toilet paper in our house, check the window sills and I’ve since learnt that lavendar is great for removing pen from kitchen benches and leather couches (And its also a great disinfectant if your little man decides to play with poop. Great calming benefits!)

Do you miss the early days?