WAHP Tip #5 – You need a designated work area

WAHP TipsOk, now this is one that I’m guilty of. We have a study but at the moment its more of a junk room/ x-box room/ man-cave then it is a work space. Its high on my and the Papa Bear’s To-do list..although its probably higher on mine than his 😀 The Papa Bear loves his man-cave. But it needs to be done.

At the moment, my work is in piles (organised piles but still piles) on the kitchen bench, the side table, in a bag hanging off our hat stand and in the garage. Its not a very efficient system and its painful when I need to search for something that I haven’t touched in a couple of weeks. I end up rumaging though everything before I find what I’m looking for. Cue meltdown from me that even the twins would be impressed with!

So we’ve bought a couple of filing systems (currently residing in the garage), a couple of small bookshelves (been in the boot of the car since Saturday) and a few chunky folders (also in the garage). All we need now is the motivation to attack that room and turn it into my sometimes work-is-done-here space….and man-cave all the other times 😀

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