Who stretched the baby???

Fun with waterI think someone has stretched my bubbas. I’m positive that they weren’t this tall last night. Can little people grow this quickly??? This morning when I dressed them for day care, I noticed that Little Miss’s summer short shorts were a lot shorter than usual and Little Mister’s T-shirt was a little snug around his shoulders (my little muscle man!) It was very dis-orientating. For months its felt like they were at a growth stand-still and then *BAM*the twins look like hulk-wannabes in clothes too small 😀

 To be fair on their clothes, they are some outfits that have been worn for over 12mths now. Dresses from last year are now shirts for Missy Moo this year. Little Mister’s ¾ pants are now plain old shorts. It’s funny. At the start of this year, I was freaking out because they’re crazy size jumping had slowed down. Now it’s because it’s started up again. Damn ebbs & flows.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is the warmer weather to blame? Are my children like plants that thrive in spring and hibernate in winter (growth-wise, not sleep-wise… I know that one is an urban myth!) Or is this just my brain sending subliminal messages that it’s time to go shopping???

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