10 Reasons (Excuses!) why Big Bubba doesn’t sleep through the night

Big Bubba Boy doesn’t sleep through the night. It might be too early  to say but I think he’s an even worse sleeper than the twins…and there were two of them! Once in a blue moon he sleeps through. A glorious night when I haven’t had to get up and figure out why he’s awake. So I know he can do it.

Here are my reasons aka excuses why he just doesn’t.

1. He’s grown 8 teeth since Christmas and Big Bubba Boy is only 8mths old! Who would have thought pushing hard pointy bone through tender gums would be so painful???

2. Its been a busy day.

Problem is, its always a busy day. Its hard to have a calm relaxing day when you need to keep Little Mister and Miss out of trouble. So we’re often out-and-about at the library, the shops, the park, at friend’s places, visiting family….you get the idea.

3.He might be getting sick. He does have a snotty nose.

4.  Big Bubba Boy is an action man just like his brother. Constantly on the move, exploring and making noise. There is no time for quiet reflection or time to let his brain slowly absorb all this new information. Guess that means his brain is doing it at night and waking him up.

5. Too cold.

6. Too hot.

7. He didn’t eat enough during the day. Not enough protein? Not enough booby milk?

8. Too much food. Big Bubba Boy is a greedy guts. Did he eat too much and now he has a stomach ache?

9. Did he nap too much during the day? Too little?

10. And of course, the best reason/ excuse, cos he loves mama cuddles.

Who needs sleep, anyway?


Twin Dilemmas

I thought I had outgrown having twin-dilemmas. I survived taking 2 babies out and about solo, tandem teethers and toilet training. Little Mister and Miss had put me through my paces and as far as I was concerned, them being twins was now a non-issue.

How very wrong I was.

What do you do when one twin is sick and the other is well???

I used to to keep both at home. I figured the other would get sick soon enough and as crazy as it sounds, it was easier to look after two than just one. But the twinnies are in kindy now. The Papa Bear and I have made such a big fuss of them being big boys and girls so we couldn’t continue our one-sick-both-home policy.

There were tears. Soooooooo many tears. Little Miss had a fever and I couldn’t send her. She cried. Little Mister cried. Not fake tears either. Heart wrenching soul destroying tears. I folded almost immediately but the Papa Bear was strong. He convinced Little Mister that he would be ok. That he could make something for his sister. I told Little Miss that we would get a little present and she could pick out one for him. It wasn’t my proudest mama moment but we survived the day and they were super proud of their ‘bravery’ presents. Little Mister even made a necklace for Little Miss. It was nice to see that they care for each other.

Class Photos

Do I buy 2? One for Little Mister and one for Little Miss or just the one? Is the photo for me? Or for them when they get older? I have all of my class photos but am I the exception? Will they be annoyed that I only ever bought one set? Or will I be wasting my money!?!

Grrrrrr…. I’m still stumped :-/


Built Twin Tough

My Big Bubba Boy was built twin tough right from birth. It was like he heard all the loud craziness in-utero and decided that he better bulk up quick smart! Now that he’s in the midst of all the ‘fun’ stuff that Little Mister and Miss do to entertain themselves, he’s learnt a few tricks to stick up for himself:

  • He’s a hairpuller. If the twinnies get too close, he yanks their hair with his fearsome strength. At the moment, both Little Mister and Miss think that its funny, but its only a matter of time before they’re screaming “Mama!!!!!!”.
  • Big Bubba Boy will squeal at the top of his lungs if they get in his face, take his toys or just look at him funny. And since he’s the bubba, I automatically yell at the twins to stop it. I know I’ll need to watch this cos he’ll start abusing this ‘power’ soon enough.
  • He’s determined to get as strong and as big as he can, in the shortest amount of time possible. Already at 6mths, he can sit unassisted, chomps down with 3 and a bit teeth (one is just about to cut through) and is ALOT bigger than the twins were at his age…and they were full term, good eaters, etc.
  • Annnnnnnnd Big Bubba Boy is about to become a biter. He’s bitten me once on the arm and he’s tried to bite Little Mister’s back a few times now. I laughed the first time. Now I’m not so sure. Can you imagine our road trips??? Long or short, they’re going to become a lot more interesting with my crazy twins and a biter/ hair puller/ squealer!

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