The Mum-cation

Like most mamas out there, I struggle to juggle the many balls that make our lives – home, life, husband, kids, friends, work and me. Notice how ‘me’ was dead last? Cos its the ball that gets dropped most of all. Whenever I have a ‘free’ moment, there’s always something that’s more important to do. Instead of sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea, there’s tea-on-the-go as I hang up washing, answer the phone and twin-wrangle. Its not healthy and I’m making a point of making time for me…which brings me to the mum-cation (the vacation for the mama).

First off, there are some rules. You can’t enjoy a mama-cation if the kidlets are there. Same with hubby. He can’t be there either. They need to be somewhere fun enough so you don’t feel mama-guilt but not too fun that you feel left out. It also needs to be a least an hour long AND you can’t have a to-do least that needs to be worked through. Unless that to-do list includes mani, pedi, coffee and a nap. You might need to bribe/ threaten/plead insanity to someone but the end result is worth it. I have even consider putting my twinnies into daycare just for a whole glorious day of me-time.

My go-to place for a mum-cation is the bath. A long hot soak in the tub is a fail-safe way to make sure I obey the rules. I can’t bring my laptop, phone or tablet into the bath so there’s no sneaky work emails to grab my attention, I can’t fold washing or do any other household chores and it fits into the time limit so I won’t feel rudely ripped off if the hubby & co return home early. My next trip needs to be to a hairdresser but that requires me to be a little more organised. At the moment my mum-cations are very impromptu and unplanned :-/

So what do you do for your mum-cations?

5 Things that made me giggle when pregnant with twins

When I was pregnant with my twinnies, there were a few things that made me giggle. Wierd, sometimes off-the-wall things that once got in my head, I couldn’t get them out. Of course, most of this giggling was done with my sisters so be warned some of these are very silly!

1. For 9mths, my body had 2 vaginas and 1 penis

2. There is no other ‘medical condition’ where you are happy to vomit for months, lose half your brain cells (mainly memory) and squish something HUGE out of a little hole, or in my case, pulled out of my belly via c-section. And if you had a wonderful pregnancy with no awful symptoms, go away.

3. Googling ‘twins’ is not a smart move. Sometimes it really is best to stay naive. I wanted to know how big I could get….the photos haunted me for weeks and gave my sisters heaps of teasing-fodder!

4. It became a standard joke when looking at photos of me pregnant “Guess how many people are in this photo????’

5. The invasion of privacy from perfect strangers when they hear ‘twins’. Really? You want me to answer whether they’re natural or not. I don’t even know you! Can I ask you personal questions? Like, are you normally this intrusive or did you forget your medication?

This pregnancy, the only giggling I’ve been doing is slightly crazed. I’m going to have 3 kids under 4 in a few months! I’m 90% sure I can do it, ok, maybe 80%….70% sure???



The difference between a singleton and twin pregnancy

Having twins for your first full-term pregnancy means that you tend to think that the whole awful mess of nausea, tiredness and meh-ness of that pregnancy was due to carrying twins. Double the hormones and all that. It was one of my pros when I was thinking about bubba #3. If I could handle being pregnant with twins, I could easily handle being pregnant with just the one bubba. I mean, how hard could one be???

Turns out my body treats single pregnancies just the same as doubles. Morning sickness that lasted longer then 12 weeks CHECK Reflux after I eat anything CHECK Pubic area pain (SPD) CHECK Everything having a smell including things that really shouldn’t like paper and water CHECK Waking up to pee twice a night CHECK CHECK

I’m only 20 weeks so there’s still time for me to get the other I-thought-was-just-cos-I-was-carrying-twins ailments like round ligament pain and gestational diabetes. Fingers crossed that I get the good stuff as well – belly rolling like I had little aliens trying to escape, inability to feel the cold  and of course, a healthy bubba born at the end :-)

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