The twins are now cot-free!

Twins out of cotsIts the third night now where the twins have been cot-free…and its been everything that I dreamed it would be. My little monkeys have been jumping up and down on their mattresses , trashing their bedroom and coming out of their room for water, toilet and “huddles“. This post was meant to be posted last night but I was busy negotiating with Little Mister.

There are a few things that I am happy with:

– That I chose to start with mattresses. If they fall off the bed from too much exurberant jumping, they don’t have far to go.

– That I have locks on their sliding door wardrobes. Their trashing could be sooooo much worse. I’m planning to stash their bookcases in their tomorrow to further limit the stuff-they-can-make-mess-with.

– No need for the baby monitor anymore. The first night Little Miss came into our room twice. Once by herself and the second with Little Mister. I did no hear them on the monitor at all. So its now useless and its one less thing that they can destroy. Little Mister loves messing about with electronics.

I’m banning ‘No’

I’m banning “No’. Not from Little Miss and Mister cos fat chance of that ever happening. Nope. I’m banning the word from my vocabulary. I didn’t realise how much I used it until Little Mister and his I-say-no-to-everything-I’m-asked sounded a little like me. Drat… And I figure, how am I meant to convince him to stop no, no, no-ing me if I’m no, no, no-ing all the time.

I really do add it to everything and its not that necessary.  “No, have you checked the bedroom?”, “No, its not there”, “No, its time to go to bed”. You get the idea. I could easily drop it and still make prefect sense. So today was my first day where I dropped the ‘No’ and it was haaaaaaaaaaard. I’m addicted to the word. Its always on the tip of my tongue, just waiting to pop out.

I guess having two very active, very grabby and very climb-y kids does that to a person’s vocabulary :-/

Colour-coded children

My boy/girl twins have been colour coded since I told the world their gender. Clothes, sheets, toys and their hospital birth cards were all colour coded. Blue for Little Mister and pink for Little Miss.  Which is fine if you’re into that, but I hate the whole-pink-is-for-girls and blue-is-for-boys. I just want gender neutral colours. Not just cos my twinnies share a room and will continue to do so until I lose my sanity but so all their clothes, shoes, etc can get double use!

As a girl, Little Miss has an advantage. She can get away with wearing Little Mister’s stuff (and she has! Undies, boardies and shoes to name a few) without raising too many eyebrows. Little Mister on the other hand cannot so easily wear Little Miss’ wardrobe. Especially the pink and purple stuff. I’ve let him wear her pink sparkly flip-flops around the yard but I just cannot let him wear them out and about….Not that he cares either way. It was probably the first pair of shoes he could find.

So the twinnies have a drawer full of white singlets and white socks. Inter-changable baseball caps and froggie boots.  After that, I’m limited to what I can find. Am I crazy? Does anyone else get frustrated at the lack of gender-neutral colours???


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