The difference between a singleton and twin pregnancy

Having twins for your first full-term pregnancy means that you tend to think that the whole awful mess of nausea, tiredness and meh-ness of that pregnancy was due to carrying twins. Double the hormones and all that. It was one of my pros when I was thinking about bubba #3. If I could handle being pregnant with twins, I could easily handle being pregnant with just the one bubba. I mean, how hard could one be???

Turns out my body treats single pregnancies just the same as doubles. Morning sickness that lasted longer then 12 weeks CHECK Reflux after I eat anything CHECK Pubic area pain (SPD) CHECK Everything having a smell including things that really shouldn’t like paper and water CHECK Waking up to pee twice a night CHECK CHECK

I’m only 20 weeks so there’s still time for me to get the other I-thought-was-just-cos-I-was-carrying-twins ailments like round ligament pain and gestational diabetes. Fingers crossed that I get the good stuff as well – belly rolling like I had little aliens trying to escape, inability to feel the cold  and of course, a healthy bubba born at the end :-)

I surrender!

I surrender. I’m flying the white flag. I thought they were ready but I was wronnnnnnng. A few weeks ago I thought my 3 year old twinnies were ready to ditch the nappies at night time. We’ve been enjoying just undies during the day with no-to-few accidents. Both Little Mister and Miss were both waking up in the morning with dry nappies so I thought, let’s do it!

The first night was great. Both woke up dry. I felt like I was the bestest smartest mama in the whole wide world. Turns out that night was a fluke. There were ALOT of nights with sheet changes and PJ changes. Lazy I-just-want-to-go-back-to-bed nights where I just threw a towel over the wet spot and dealt with the sheets the next day. After two weeks, I learnt that boys do the most random wees (dry bed but wet jammies and pee all over the floor. How???), hot days with lots of water drunk= tidal waves of pee and nappies at night time really aren’t that bad. Not really.

To be fair, Little Miss was almost there but I’m going to wait a few more months before I try again. When I first started toilet training them this time last year, there were little improvements every day to motivate me. Washing pee-soaked sheets every morning is not motivating.

I’m pretty sure my twins are trying to kill each other

I’m pretty sure my twins are trying to kill each other (and themselves!) It normally happens when they’re over-tired or bored. They get a serious case of the sillies and the next minute one of them has just narrowly escaped being seriously hurt. These near misses happen almost daily. Its driving me crazy.

Last week, I chucked Little Mister and Miss into a trolley. I needed to get back to the car quick and they were getting distracted by EVERYTHING. To liven up our trolley trip, they decided to launch themselves at each other’s necks. I think it was intended as a big hug but it looked more like a wrestling choke hold. Anyway, after a particularly big ‘hug’, Little Miss landed backwards on the the edge of the trolley and her scream sent me into a panic. I was thinking severed spine, hospital visit, lifelong pain, etc. All she got (after a hug and a massive talking to) was a bruise. Argh!

I’ve only recently let them have baths again. There was a long hiatus after Little Mister decided that instead of asking Little Miss to pass a toy to him, that it was quicker just to stand on her head (She was leaning over at the time) Again, they were lucky. I grabbed him and yanked him off her and there was just some coughing and lots and lots of tears. What worried me though was that I was right there. What would have happened if I had just stepped out??? I know I shouldn’t but every now and then, I have been known to leave the room to grab something from their bedroom. It scared the beejeezuses out of me.

Anyone else have children that are trying to ‘accidently’ kill each other???

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