Vileda Magical system – Product Review

I’m sure I’m not the only mama who does this. You see a new cleaning product on the market promising to make life easier, you scoff because you’ve been fooled before and then as soon as it becomes on special you buy it. It could make my life easier. How would I know unless I try it??? So when I was given the opportunity to review the new Vileda Magical system I calmly and rationally said “PICK ME PLEASE”.

The system includes a water-repellent spray and cloth and claims to “prevent dirt and water marks in your bathroom” and “is ANTI-FOG on glass, showers and mirrors.” Now the biggest flaw with a cleaning product like this is that you have to clean first *sigh* I picked the twins bathroom cos since its always getting trashed, I’m always in there cleaning anyway. Its definately a room that can test out water-repellence!

Its the wierdest sensation when you first start using it. Its like you’re putting lip gloss on your mirror and shower buts its not oily. It goes on really really smoothly. Of course, I couldn’t wait until the twins started splashing around and covering the bathroom in soapy water to test it out. I started splashing and spraying like I was trying to rinse it off and like water off a duck’s back, the water just faded away. No marks left. Very nice. Now to clean my bathroom so it stays cleaner for longer!

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Calling my bluff

Lately Little Mister has been calling my bluff waaaaay too often and forcing me to follow through on my didn’t-think-I’d-have-to threats. Like yesterday afternoon. He decided that jumping on the bed and ignoring my request to get dressed was more fun. So I threatened to leave him at home. He just giggled and jumped away. Sensing I was fast losing control of the situation (I think the jumping on the bed was my first sign), I told Papa Bear that I was going and just taking Little Miss with me. She still believes my threats :-D

Me and Little Miss had a GREAT time veggie shopping and picking up take-out for dinner. If there was a coffee shop opened, I would have stopped and ordered a soy chai latte for me and a baby-cino for her. It was blissfully relaxing! The Papa Bear on the other hand, did not have a great time with Little Mister. Apparently, when he had finished jumping and giggling like a maniac (approx. 5 mins after we left) he was inconsolable. He could not believe that we had left without him and kept checking the garage for the car.

Anyway, today I had a little more luck dressing him in the morning. He did try to run away from me but when I threatened him with I’ll-leave-you-at-home, he was dressed in a flash. Now I just need to work on stopping him from running away from me in crowded shopping centers and filling the basin until it overflows all over the bath room floor!

I’m fine

Whenever I say “I’m fine” or “I’m ok”, there is ALOT of context behind it. Like today. “I’m fine” considering I’ve been up since 5am chasing my soon-to-be-pre-schoolers all over the place. “I’m ok” given that I’ve just bathed, dressed and brushed the teeth of two kiddies who didn’t want to be bathed, dressed or have their teeth brushed. I mean it could have been worse. Really.

I didn’t lose my nut too much. My neighbours won’t learn the names of my twinnies because I’m screaming them.  I got out of my pajamas. I left the house. I was social. The twins napped. The mess from dinner was dog-cleanable (aka all over the floor). The bath water all over the floor is mop-able and Little Mister and Miss are now asleep. Their Pajama Party cancelled after I grabbed Little Mister and put him in the port-cot in our room.

So, yep. I’m fine. I’m ok and I’ll feel a whole better when I raid the fridge for sweet stuff! Gimme sugar!!!!!!!

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