I’m officially a kill-joy

no fartingThanks to a rather garlicy scrambled egg breakfast served by the Papa Bear, Little Mister and Miss have been popping off, stinky winking and farting all afternoon. Its a good thing that I didn’t feel like eggs this morning. The house was pungent enough without me adding to it.

At first, the pair of them giggling over their bodily noises was funny. I was giggling too but as with all things toddler, it quickly got out of hand. Giggling wasn’t enough. They had to sniff it. Yep, you read correctly. Sniff it. Big noise-inhaling sniffs. It was gross. I had to tell them to stop sniffing each others pop-offs (which made them laugh even more!)

*Sigh* Just another I-can’t-believe-I-said-that moment…

WAHP Tip #10 – Have a Holiday!

WAHP TipsThis is a hard one. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, you can now do work stuff anywhere and everywhere. My  craziest thank-heavens-for-technology  moment was on Little Mister’s last day in hospital. Settlement for our new business was happening right then and there. It had to happen. So I was emailing/ calling our lawyer and insurance company while texting the Papa Bear with updates as he was sorting out some other conditions of sale. It was manic but luckily for us, do-able.

However this flexibility has a HUGE downsize. Its almost impossible to take a holiday off work when you can check you emails on your smartphone. My advice??? Go somewhere where mobile reception is non-existant and the internet speed is dial up. If that isn’t an option then there’s only one other course of action…

Turn. Your. Mobile. Off.

Once the shivering wears off and you are no longer rocking side-to-side muttering “No phone make me something something”, you’ll relax and enjoy yourself. Promise! Just remember to change your voicemail message and put on an auto-reply on your email :)

WAHP Tip #9 – Don’t go shopping

WAHP TipsThe lure of the shopping centre is tantalising enough for mamas. The coffee, the free child-friendly distraction (my local has a libary AND a small indoor playground) and the most important of all – adult conversation! And even though I’m a working-at-home mama, I still find myself in shopping centres more than I’d like to admit. There’s always some little thing to buy or a get-me-out-of-the-house-kids-are-driving-me-crazy moment.

But when I go to the shops, I return back sooooooooo very tired. Its hard to get motivated to do all my work stuff when I’d rather be napping. So my advice to myself and to anyone else, don’t go shopping! Or restrict it to only a few times a week instead of everyday :-D

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