Feeling Clucky

Ok, so I’ve been feeling clucky since the twins were one (Little Mister and Miss are now 3) Those clucky hormones are relentless. It doesn’t matter that the practical side of your brain is saying “No! No! No!”. You still swoon when you see itty bitty bubba clothes and the thought of giving away any old baby clothes physically hurts. Before you know it, you start thinking that your last pregnancy really wasn’t that bad and that having one more bub can’t make your life any crazier…

Well, those same relentless clucky hormones are the first to jump ship when you do fall pregnant.  Its hard to swoon at bubba clothes when you’re feeling sick and tired. That’s right. I’m pregnant. 17 weeks today. Thought I should start sharing the news before bub actually is born ;-)

And to answer the top 3 questions that everyone asks:

* There’s just one bub. Every scan I get them to double check. I love my twins but I’m not sure I can handle another set.

* I don’t know the sex and I’m not going to find out. This is definitely my last one (those clucky hormones are not going to fool me again!) and I want it to be a surprise

* This pregnancy is worse then my twin pregnancy. I’m a lot more tired. Back then I was just pregnant with twins. Now I’m pregnant AND I have 3 year old twins :-D


Twin Delays

I’ve been very lucky with my little twinnies. I carried them both for 37 weeks and 5 days with little pain for them (not me but that’s another kettle of fish). My Little Mister was 3kgs, while Little Miss was 2.94kgs. Very healthy weights and aside from an initial sucking reflex problem for the pair of them, my high risk pregnancy and birth went pretty smoothly.

Fast forward 36mths and I thought I had ‘escaped’ all the typical twin issues. You only have to Google twins and there’s ALOT of sites identifying twin-related-medical-risks. Twin-twin transfusion syndrome, difference in fetal weight, low birth weight, developmental delays, premature birth…you get my drift. There’s alot that can happen to two little bubs and I thought at 3 years old, I was now safe. I should have knocked on wood!

What my I-want-more-sleep-mush-of-a-brain forgot was that developmental milestones continue for, like forever. And their next milestone is speech. My little parrots speak a lot and often buts its a laaaaaaaaazy kind of language. They both understand it 100% of the time, the Papa Bear and I understand it 90% of the time, close family and friends understand it 50% of the time and strangers… Strangers understand it 0%. Maybe 5-10%. Maybe…on a good day.

*Sigh* Apparently this is common with twins. They’re each others best friends. They hang out 24/7. Its the way they like it and its making them lazy speakers. Why say the whole word when your sibling already knows what you’re talking about???



Reward Negotiators

Call them what you want – rewards, treats, bribes, currency or ‘motivators’ – it all means the same thing. Getting your child to do what you want them to do without yelling/ threatening/ dragging them. I’ve used stickers, TV time, ice blocks and yogurt pouches with Toy Story characters printed on them. Whatever works and is available. But I think I’ve been over-doing it bit lately. Little Mister and Little Miss have started to negotiate what reward and the size of the reward.

It all started with a daytime nap. I mentioned that if they fell asleep quickly, we could all have an ice-block when they woke up. Little Mister said that he wanted a heart ice-cream like the one Papa Bear ate the other day. Then Little Miss sweetened the deal by saying that she’d sleep in the same room as Little Mister and not her usual sleeping arrangement in our room (They cannot be in the same room if they can see each other!). I was hooked. My bedroom all to myself so I could have a nap too??? Deal! I could handle a crazy ice cream induced sugar high from my twinnies if I had a nap.

Luckily (or unluckily), they lasted 5 minutes before I had to separate them. So no heart ice cream. Just an ordinary natural juice one since after that ‘fuss’, they fell asleep pretty quickly. Ah well, maybe next time.

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