Potty Training, Twins and Harpic Toilet Wipes

Harpic Toilet WipesI love potties. To me it was the one and only choice for toilet training my twins. I wanted to take full advantage of their competitiveness, their love of doing everything together and the peer pressure. Toilet training became a social event. We have photos of the two of them reading on their potties, tapping on their little laptops and basically just chiling out together waiting for *it* to happen. Photos which will be revealed at their 21st [cue evil laughter]

Of course, the major con is cleaning the potties. For some reason poop in a bowl is heaps worse than poop in nappies. I’ve been using baby wipes to clean the mess and flushing it all away. This is a huge no-no, I know. It even says very clearly on the wipe packaging “No Flushing”. Well guess what? You can flush Harpic Toilet Wipes! And they are a little more disinfecty (just made that word up) then baby wipes which are meant to be gentle on buttoms. I’ve been using mine all week and I wish I had started sooner. A much cleaner clean without the guilt that I’m stuffing up our plumbing!

Plus, you can use these wipes for those public toilets. You know the ones. The ones which look like you can catch gastro just by looking at it and your little one is TOUCHING it. Ick ick ick.

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Taming Toddler Tuesday – Binoculars!

Taming Toddler Tuesday -BinocularsThese binoculars were super quick to make and EASY. Even with 4 little hands trying to help tape the rolls together, snip and tie the gift ribbon, I still managed. I did try to get them to help but all Little Mister wanted to do was unravel all the gift ribbon. Little Miss was waaaaaay too obsessed with the sizzors so I quickly made the binoculars and then I let the twins decorate them.

I let them lose with their sticker books (best and worst purchase ever made!) Little Miss loved this part. She spent ages placing her stickers on her toilet roll binoculars. Not so Little Mister. I tried putting one on and he ripped it off in a huff. He wanted his to be au naturel.

Of course, the best part of this whole activity was watching them rush out to the garden to use them. They were looking for birds and grasshoppers, all the while meeping like the Ponitpines from “In the Night Garden” :-D


Bedtime Excuses

I swear, the older my twinnies get the longer the list of bedtime excuses. I’m actally missing the I-don’t-want-to-go-tears. Now I have reasonable excuses. “I need water”, “I need milk”, “I need my always-comes-to-bed-with-me stuffed toy”. How can I argue with that???

The newest excuse is “I need to pee pee”. They’re still in nappies for the nighttime sleep so I’m not worried about accidents but how can I ignore when I’ve been rewarding going to the toilet all day? Tonight, the excuse came up again and like a good mama I took Little Mister to the potty. After much fussing about, he did a dribble.  Less then a dribble. Barely worth a trip to the loo. Little Miss had to go too cos that’s how twins roll *sigh*

I wonder what excuse is next???

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