WAHP Tip #9 – Don’t go shopping

WAHP TipsThe lure of the shopping centre is tantalising enough for mamas. The coffee, the free child-friendly distraction (my local has a libary AND a small indoor playground) and the most important of all – adult conversation! And even though I’m a working-at-home mama, I still find myself in shopping centres more than I’d like to admit. There’s always some little thing to buy or a get-me-out-of-the-house-kids-are-driving-me-crazy moment.

But when I go to the shops, I return back sooooooooo very tired. Its hard to get motivated to do all my work stuff when I’d rather be napping. So my advice to myself and to anyone else, don’t go shopping! Or restrict it to only a few times a week instead of everyday :-D

If you haven’t already, go check out the Kidorable Umbrella Giveaway.

Product Review and Giveaway – Kidorable!

Kidorable BootsMy Little Miss and Mister are little explorers. They want to explore anywhere and everywhere including our backyard. I know that this doesn’t sound like a big deal but there’s prickles, black ants, long grass and hidden dog poop out there. Boots are a must-have accessory if you want to venture into our jungle of a garden. Our newest pair (and now firm favorites!) are these OMG-too-adorable-for-words frog boots from Kidorable.

These boots are not just cute either.  Nope. You can tell that these are good quality boots. The rubber is soft and flexible. The lining is soft and the boots are toddler tough. Little Miss has been testing them out for a few weeks now and they have withstood alot. She’s trampled through our ‘garden’, dragged her feet through shopping centres and shown them off at music. There’s been no blisters or I’m-not-wearing-these-anymore tantrums. Plus, if frogs aren’t your style, there’s ladybugs, dinosaurs, fairies, fire trucks and many others!

Kidorable have a huge range of kids products (not just boots). One lucky Busy Mama Bee reader is even going to get a funky spunky umbrella in any style that they want.  Just enter below:

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 * This Busy Mama Bee was compensated with a pair of frog boots for this review but all opinions are still my own

I’m attached to my baby monitor

twingenuityWe still use a baby monitor. Little Mister and Miss are still in cots and will be until they can climb out. I’ve read enough stories on mama blogs to know that I need to postpone that ‘fun’ for as long as possible. Besides even if they weren’t in cots, they’re not quite tall enough to open the door and how would they let me know that they’re sick or had a yukky nightmare???

Cue in my attachment to our baby monitor. We’re onto our third one now. The first one lasted 2 years but after months of being chewed, sucked on and being used as a mobile phone, it died. It was a pretty basic one so for the second one, we decided to get a whizz-bam-smile-you’re-on-camera baby monitor. It lasted 4 months. Not happy. It made me really nostalgic for our first one (I haven’t thrown it out yet)

Our third baby monitor, and hopefully our last is another basic one. I’ve been burnt from ever getting a fancy one again. I wonder how long this one will last for….and be used for. Almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost!

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