My twin pregnancy was easier

Of course this can be the pregnancy hormones talking but I really do think my twin pregnancy was easier than this just-one-bubba pregnancy. Yes, I had gestational diabetes, round ligament pain, cankles that all the way to my butt and reflux that burned like fire but I was pregnant with twins. I was treated with more care by everybody. My husband, family, friends, work collegues, strangers, doctors, midwives and me (especially me) all seemed a little more caring.

Now its “You’ve been pregnant with twins so this must be easier”. Noooooooooo! Its harder. Especially because said twins are 3.8 years old and running amuck. I look back on my twin-pregnancy with envy. I went on maternity leave at 32 weeks. I lounged around the house. I slowly got their nursery ready and focused solely on baking my bubbas and nobody blinked an eye. It was ok for me to take it easy. I was pregnant with twins. Well, today I’m 40 weeks with my singleton. I’m still working (joys of being self-employed), still chasing Little Mister and Miss and the only surprise is that bub hasn’t arrived yet.

Grrrrrrr. It was meant to be easier with one. That was one of the biggest pros on my “Pros & Cons” list when I was deciding whether I should try and get pregnant again. Bubba, you can come tonight. I’m very ready……famous last words???

Tag Teaming Affection

So I’ve been noticing for a while now that if one twin feels affectionate to friends and family, the other will be the exact opposite. Its like they had a talk and decided that only one twin is required to give hugs and kisses, the other is allowed to ignore, scream and/ or run away from friends and family. Now, I don’t insist on them hugging and kissing if they don’t want too but the tag-teaming-affection-thing is just plain weird.

At first I thought it was a coincidence but now I’m 100 % sure. At the moment, Little Miss is giving hugs to her grandparents when its time to leave and Little Mister is hiding behind my legs or running for the front door. Last week, it was Little Miss chanting “Nope Nope Nope” when asked to give grandma a cuddle and Little Mister being affectionate. I don’t know when they have these conversations or if its telepathic but I can’t remember both of them being affectionate at the same time…ever.

Is this a twin thing? Or do all siblings do this? Coming from a large family of 6 kids, I just remember all of us running away from grandma kisses. What can I say, I don’t belong to a family of kissers or huggers :-D

Travelling with Children – Product Review

World Atlas Lonely PlanetThis post brought to you by Nuffnang and Lonely Planet Kids

Before my twinnies were even a hope, I thought travelling with children would be easy peasy. You just need to be more organised. Better prepared, yadda yadda yadda. Then I fell pregnant and still I thought it would be easy. The Papa Bear and I wanted to see the World Cup in Brazil in 2012. The twins would be 2 1/2 by then. Prefect, or so I thought!

Then the twins came… and my world turned upside down. Travelling with these guys??? I don’t think so. Travelling to the shops was enough of an adventure for me. But as Little Mister and Miss grew older, our ‘travelling’ got a little bit more adventurous. We went on day trips, then weekends away and next year we’re planning a plane trip to Melbourne. After that? Well, we want to go overseas and this is where I need to research my little butt off and lucky me just got sent a bunch of books from Lonely Planet to review. Woot!

Travelling with Children provides a snapshot of most countries in the world that you’d want to visit. More importantly to me is that they provide a star rating system based on Sights & Activities, Comfort and Health & Hygiene. All huge factors when planning an overseas trips with kidlets that pick up everything they find on the ground and have a tendency to put things in their mouth. Yep, even now at 3 1/2 I am still saying to Little Miss “If its not food, it doesn’t go in your mouth”. So I’ve now got my shortlist down to Japan and the United States.

Lonely Planet also has books for the kids – The Lonely Planets Kids Amazing World Atlas and Adventures in Smelly Places (Activity and Sticker Book). Both books are super colourful and have been a great conversation starter for us and the twinnies about the world around us. Thanks to the World Atlas, Little Mister now knows about the New Zealand Haka. We watched it on YouTube quite a few times before they got bored of it! The Papa Bear also got the chance to show off his Flag knowledge. A little rusty but nothing that Mr Google couldn’t fix ;-)

And the Activity book has STICKERS! Not just any stickers but bat stickers, rat stickers, koala stickers, stinky cheese stickers and flag stickers. Weird and wonderful stickers that had both my kiddies salivating. Again it was a great opportunity to talk about our world without it being too much like a lecture and at their level. Like stinky cheese is made in France and bats like to live in caves. Random facts that Little Mister and Miss looooooved. I, of course loved that these books were making them more aware of their world and (fingers crossed!) when we do take the plunge and go overseas, they’ll be excited enough that the very long plane trip over won’t be too painful!





















































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