You know you’re a twin mama when…

I know there are thousands upon thousands of posts about “Things only a Multiple/Twin Mama would understand” and here’s another one to add to the list *evil giggle*

You know you’re a mama that had twins first when:

* You feel like your singleton bubba is lonely because there is only one of him.

* You use the word singleton to describe your singleton bubba.

* You look for the other one.

* You had 2 names picked for your singleton bubba thinking both would be used.

* When you’re asked if this is your first child. You answer, this is my second child. I had twins first.

*You are surprised that your big box of nappies is lasting so long.

* You are giddy with happiness that your trolley isn’t filled to the brim with nappies and wipes. One bub just doesn’t go poop as much as two. Amazing!

* Your singleton bubba has too much stuff. Two of everything! In my case, a pink version and a blue version.

* You realise that yes, one bubba is easier. Even easier when they’re entertained by the wild and crazy antics of his older siblings!

My Over-achieving Uterus

This is not a brag post. This is WTF-anyone-else kind of post. You see,  I’m pretty happy with my uterus. It carried my twins for 37 weeks and 4 days until they got evicted via c-section. Little Mister and Miss were born a healthy 3kg and 2.96kg each. I couldn’t have asked for more. But it seems like with my last bubba, my uterus wanted to do better and not just a little better but an OMG better…It just would have been nice if I had been consulted first since I decided to do a VBAC. For some crazy reason I wanted to see what a ‘natural’ delivery felt like.

Almost 8 weeks ago now,  I delivered a 4.68kg bubba boy.  I thought my obstetrician and the midwife were joking when they said his weight. Ha ha. Very funny. But nope. Bubba boy was a big squishy almost 5kg marshmallow. Seems like my uterus decided to bake a big one just to show how clever she was. I should have guessed he was going to be a big one since he did not want to leave. It took 40 weeks and 5 days, an induction, a 12 hour labour and a vacumn extraction before he entered this world.

Its safe to safe that I’m done. No more babies. I mean, what would my uterus deliver next??? And it seems like I’m not the only twin mum whose body has gone a little overboard on their singleton-after-twins bub. I know one mumma who credits her super-trained-on-twins booby milk for her little sumo and there’s the mums that have mulitples after multiples *phew*

So has this happened to you???  I want to know if this is a common or just coincidence.


My twin pregnancy was easier

Of course this can be the pregnancy hormones talking but I really do think my twin pregnancy was easier than this just-one-bubba pregnancy. Yes, I had gestational diabetes, round ligament pain, cankles that all the way to my butt and reflux that burned like fire but I was pregnant with twins. I was treated with more care by everybody. My husband, family, friends, work collegues, strangers, doctors, midwives and me (especially me) all seemed a little more caring.

Now its “You’ve been pregnant with twins so this must be easier”. Noooooooooo! Its harder. Especially because said twins are 3.8 years old and running amuck. I look back on my twin-pregnancy with envy. I went on maternity leave at 32 weeks. I lounged around the house. I slowly got their nursery ready and focused solely on baking my bubbas and nobody blinked an eye. It was ok for me to take it easy. I was pregnant with twins. Well, today I’m 40 weeks with my singleton. I’m still working (joys of being self-employed), still chasing Little Mister and Miss and the only surprise is that bub hasn’t arrived yet.

Grrrrrrr. It was meant to be easier with one. That was one of the biggest pros on my “Pros & Cons” list when I was deciding whether I should try and get pregnant again. Bubba, you can come tonight. I’m very ready……famous last words???

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