Built Twin Tough

My Big Bubba Boy was built twin tough right from birth. It was like he heard all the loud craziness in-utero and decided that he better bulk up quick smart! Now that he’s in the midst of all the ‘fun’ stuff that Little Mister and Miss do to entertain themselves, he’s learnt a few tricks to stick up for himself:

  • He’s a hairpuller. If the twinnies get too close, he yanks their hair with his fearsome strength. At the moment, both Little Mister and Miss think that its funny, but its only a matter of time before they’re screaming “Mama!!!!!!”.
  • Big Bubba Boy will squeal at the top of his lungs if they get in his face, take his toys or just look at him funny. And since he’s the bubba, I automatically yell at the twins to stop it. I know I’ll need to watch this cos he’ll start abusing this ‘power’ soon enough.
  • He’s determined to get as strong and as big as he can, in the shortest amount of time possible. Already at 6mths, he can sit unassisted, chomps down with 3 and a bit teeth (one is just about to cut through) and is ALOT bigger than the twins were at his age…and they were full term, good eaters, etc.
  • Annnnnnnnd Big Bubba Boy is about to become a biter. He’s bitten me once on the arm and he’s tried to bite Little Mister’s back a few times now. I laughed the first time. Now I’m not so sure. Can you imagine our road trips??? Long or short, they’re going to become a lot more interesting with my crazy twins and a biter/ hair puller/ squealer!

I love kindy

I love kindy. Its the bestest creation in the whole wide world. Its only been a week but if it was a person, I’d leave the Papa Bear in a second and marry it. You see before kindy started, the twins were AWFUL. They were bored of me and what I had to offer. Both Little Mister and Miss went feral. They weren’t listening and were engaging in dangerous behaviour. Like that time they pushed their little pink plastic cubby to the sliding door and climbed it so they could take a closer look at wasp nests. Wasp nests! EVEN though I had told them that wasps sting. Grrrrrrr…

Now before you say ‘Why didn’t you just grab them, tell them off and remove the wasp nests???’ Well, I was at the end of my tether. I was over telling them off (they don’t listen anyway) and to tell you the truth, I wanted them to get stung. I figured that if they got stung, then I could use that to remind them that mama knows best the next time they were being silly. There’s no allergies in our family so I figured the odds were in my favour. Of course, they didn’t get stung and Little Mister and Miss had some extra swagger in their steps that afternoon since they proved mama wrong. Again.

Then that wonderful day came, when my twinnies went to kindy. There were no tears. Little Mister and Miss were super excited and made themselves at home straight away. They got into the paints (they weren’t meant to) and found the we’re-not-playing-with-those-yet toys. And me? I felt like I had just survived tornedo. Against all odds (or so it felt), Little Mister and Miss were fully dressed, with almost everything they needed (I only forgot a few things) AND I hadn’t lost my nut. There were no tears from me. All I wanted was a strong drink, but had to happy with a cup of tea. I didn’t think Big Bubba Boy wanted red wine flavoured booby milk.

2015 – What a year!

I haven’t blogged nearly as much as I wanted this year. Turns out that twin rearing is more time consuming when you’re pregnant, expanding your small business and then popping out Big Bubba Boy. There were lots of highlights mixed with lows, and in true mama blogger style I’m posting them so I can remember them later. My memory is very slippery at the moment!

– We expanded from one tuition centre to two. I didn’t want to. I kicked up a huge fuss (aka adult tanty). I was hormonal and sooooo very tired. That’s my excuse anyway since its worked out ok so far. Knock on wood!

– I thought being pregnant with one bub would be easier. It was not. From the beginning to the Whoah-he-was-bigger-than-I-thought end, it was hard. Probably a good thing though. If it was easy, I’d be tempted to go again. The Papa Bear and I make cute kids.

– The twins will start kindy next year and they are very very very very ready. They have been destructive, surprisingly clever, annoying, amazing and full-on. I pity their teacher next year.

– Toilet words (Poo, pee, penis & fart followed by hystrical giggles) were an annoying trend this year that we had to nip in the bud by threatening their precious lolly stash (all the lollies from their parties) after the No-You-Did-Not incident. Little Mister and Miss had pointed at their lovely family day care educator chanting all their favorites and refused to stop. I was not a happy mama. Still makes my blood boil.

– This was the year that the twins became more independant. ESPECIALLY after Big Bubba Boy was born. Little Mister and Miss can now dress themselves from head to toe, sometimes many times a day (Yay for me!), get water from the tap, wipe their bottoms, ride their balance bike like little dare devils and Little Mister can do a handstand against the wall. Little Miss tries but its not quite a handstand. More a downward dog :-/

– Writing! Little Miss has been writing up a storm, well her brand of writing anyway. Envelopes, christmas cards, my work books and take-away menus. None can escape her pen! I bought her a mini copy of my work diary so we can ‘work’ together. She’s a hard task-maker. Already she’s put me to work even though I’m on holidays.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. The Papa Bear and I have popped open a bottle of champagne already and the twinnies are at Grandmas. Its going to get real wild here. Netflix and early-to-bed wild.

Watch out world!



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