I’m fine

Whenever I say “I’m fine” or “I’m ok”, there is ALOT of context behind it. Like today. “I’m fine” considering I’ve been up since 5am chasing my soon-to-be-pre-schoolers all over the place. “I’m ok” given that I’ve just bathed, dressed and brushed the teeth of two kiddies who didn’t want to be bathed, dressed or have their teeth brushed. I mean it could have been worse. Really.

I didn’t lose my nut too much. My neighbours won’t learn the names of my twinnies because I’m screaming them.  I got out of my pajamas. I left the house. I was social. The twins napped. The mess from dinner was dog-cleanable (aka all over the floor). The bath water all over the floor is mop-able and Little Mister and Miss are now asleep. Their Pajama Party cancelled after I grabbed Little Mister and put him in the port-cot in our room.

So, yep. I’m fine. I’m ok and I’ll feel a whole better when I raid the fridge for sweet stuff! Gimme sugar!!!!!!!

Groundhog Day

You know that movie with Bill Murray in it and he keeps waking upto repeat the same day over and over again until he gets it right? Well, lately I feel like I’ve been living my own groundhog day. At least the mornings. I get up woken up by my two early birds, I make them go potty, we watch a cartoon (their reward and my time to wake up) and the day begins again. Same as yesterday and the day before that.

Now I’m the first one to give the rountine-is-key tip to any new mama or papa that asks me but I’m over my morning routine. This morning I was this close to chucking Little Mister and Miss in the pram and going to a nearby park…until I realised that I’d have to get out of my jammies and that just wasn’t going to happen. So instead I made a different breakfast (a muesli recipe I saw on playschool) It very nummy. Just not quite nummy enough to get me out of my morning routine rut.

I need tips! How do you get out of a morning routine rut??? Or is this just my brain rebelling against too many early mornings?

All sorts of teacher

I get that I’m my kidlets teacher, but today I was ALL sorts of teacher.

Biology Teacher – I’ll know if you ate that crayon because I’ll see it in your poop.

Maths Teacher – Pick that up or I’m going to count to three. 1…..2…..3…..

Geography Teacher – Where is your fork? Where did you put your drink bottle? Where are your undies? Where are your shoes?

English Teacher – Look. La la la la look. Not gook. Look.

Music Teacher – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Ok your turn to sing. Mama is going to make some tea.

PE Teacher – Lets race to the bedroom and pick up our lego. On your marks, get set, go!

Drama Teacher – Mama is a dinosaur *ROAR* Quick hide and I’ll find you {Mama then takes her sweet time finding them even though their giggles make Little Mister and Miss super easy to find}

Can you think of any others???



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