Growth Spurts

Little Mister is going through a major growth spurt. Its making him tired, grumpy and hunnnnnnnnnngry! He’s been eating like a horse…and its kinda making him poop like one too. I thought he was a poopertoddler_at_home beforehand but its getting ridiculous now.

Last night he went to the potty before his bath and did a #2 AND THEN he pooped in his sleep a few hours later. I walked into their room and poooooooo eeeeeeeeee. It was stinky in there. He even slept through the whole nappy change. I don’t remember the other growth spurts being like this. But then I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning either.

Do growth spurts get worse as they get older???

Taming Toddler Tuesday – Painting

Toddler PaintingI don’t know about you but all I want before the dinner-bath-bedtime fight routine all begins, is 10-15mins of time to tidy up and (more importantly) zonk out. This is what I look for in a taming toddler activity and I thought painting would give me that 10-15mins of ‘free’ time but alas it did not.

Turns out my twins are prolific painters. They could have finished the Sistine Chapel in a day. Little Mister and Miss went through enough paint and butchers paper for FOUR paintings each. All that was done in 15 mins. I barely finished putting a load of dishes in the dishwasher. I had to keep stopping to re-stock my little artists and to ooooh and ahhhhh over their masterpieces.

Garbage bag art smocAh well. I am really impressed with my garbage art smocks handiwork though. What do you think??? Hot or not ;-)

Super Mama!

Super MamaI feel like a Super Mama tonight. I cooked chicken, leek and mushroom casserole for the first time ever.  Not just for mine and the Papa Bear’s dinner but for the twins too. Long gone are the days that I make two meals. At worst, I make one meal for the twins and the Papa Bear and I get take-out :-D

So normally when I serve something that I really want to eat. Its ‘Yuk’ and ‘I don’t want it’ so I cook what I know they’ll eat. Like pasta, chicken, roast beef/ lamb/chicken or fried rice. Its just easier. Well tonight I made what I wanted and we all made pigs of ourselves. Nom nom nom!

There are heaps of recipes online and they’re all basically the same. Me being me made some substitutions. I used apple juice instead of dry white wine (dry white wine= white wine vinegar=apple cider vinegar=apple juice). I dumped the cooked rice into the casserole mix and waited until the rice had soaked up all the soap. It was a huge hit.


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