Taming Toddler Tuesday – Edible Sensory Play

1409646273960I love the idea of sensory play but with two toddlers who put everything and anything into theirs mouths, it just isn’t practical. That and seeing the ‘evidence’ in their poop the next day is a little disconcerting. Anyway, a friend shared this site with me – 34 Edible Sensory Play Ideas and I had to try at least one. To be honest I wasn’t expecting big things.

So today we played with dried fava beans (I didn’t have any dry pasta in the pantry but I did have a massive bag of beans from a failed recipe) I raided the cupboard and kitchen drawers for ‘tools’ they could use, sat them at the table and let them loose. I expected maybe 5 mins of entertainment. What I got was a solid 30 mins to hang up some washing, tidy the kitchen and make myself a cuppa before Little Mister and Miss needed a referee. Little Miss had all the fava beans and Little Mister had none *sigh* I am definately checking out the other sensory play ideas.

And for those who are wondering, yes the fava beans were nibbled and chewed on.

Weekend Notes – Thank Goodness its Sunday evening!

TGISEWho else had a crazy busy weekend??? My weekend has been full-on. I’m actually looking forward to the working week. Our I-can’t-believe-we-just-did that event was driving 3 hours to my Aunt’s after working Saturday morning and then driving back down again this afternoon.

It was definately worth the drive. The twins got a serious case of the sillies with one of their cousins (think jumping on mattresses and squealing down the hallways) lots of farm animals were fed and too much ‘special occasion’ food was eaten. I’m seriously sitting here with the top button of my jeans undone!

TGISE is all I can say…

I like to live dangerously

I like to live dangerously. I like to underpay on parking, see how far the car goes on an empty tank, take my twinnies to a theme park all by myself (that one definately got the adrenline pumping!) and go to busy shopping centres without a pram. What can I say? I have to get my kicks somehow now that I’m a mama.

Lately I’ve been taking Little Mister and Miss out and about in undies. And not just any old place but places where I don’t know where the nearest toilets are. Scary!This morning we went to Ikea, Sunday we went to the museum and yesterday we went to a park. No nappies and no accidents. Woot! If that wasn’t edgy enough, I even let them nap in their undies. Day 1 – No accidents. Day 2. Little Miss wet the bed. I’m still deciding whether to try for Day 3 :D

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