Pajama Party at my house

Sometimes it feels like every night is a pajama party at my house. The twins love sharing a room… probably a little too much. When the Papa Bear and I tuck them into bed, they look all sweet and innocent. They look like they’re tired and that they’re ready to go to sleep right then and there but they lie. Its just a ruse so we leave the room. Cheeky little monkeys.

Take tonight as an example:


Night Night. Big kisses MWAH MWAH Little kisses mwah mwah mwah mwah

*Door shuts*


Jumping time?

Hysterical giggles

No! Not jumping time. Sleeping time!

Taming Toddler Tuesday….kinda but not really

Little Miss eating raw pumpkinToday’s toddler taming activity was helping mama cook dinner. I let them pick the dinner (mashed potatoes and sausages) and then we cooked it. But the whole time we were cooking, all I could think about was “Why don’t my kids listen to me???”.

“Don’t touch the knife, its sharp”, “The potato is raw so we can’t eat it yet”.  Do they listen to me? Nope. Instead Little Miss ate some raw potato and then promptly spat it out. Little Mister had to be threatened with the 1 2 3 countdown before he dropped the knife. The photo attached is from a couple of weeks ago. Little Miss is eating raw pumpkin (I told her not to) cos I was too busy today keeping the peeler and knife from my toddlers’ busy hands.

I get that they are exploring their surroundings and pushing their boundaries. Knowing that doesn’t make it any less frustrating when I have to resort to bribes (If you get into the car you can eat some strawberries) or threats (If you don’t follow mama, I’ll chuck you in a trolley) to get them to do as I asked. Argh!!!!

I’m the coolest mama ever!

1408265648411I am the coolest mama in the world at the moment…at least to my twinnies. I wiped off the lady bugs and caterpillars from their blackboard wardrobe doors ( It was time.  They had been there since their twin shower) and drew Peppa Pig and George Pig.

Now my drawing skills are a little questionable but Little Mister and Miss were VERY impressed. They made me feel like Michaelangelo or Mister Maker :D

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