When the Early Bird meets the Night Owl

I’ve more or less accepted the fact that my little ones like to get up at the crack of dawn (some mornings more then others!) Since they get early, they go down early. Very early according to some. We’ve tried putting them to bed later, hoping/ praying/ begging that they’d sleep later but their body clock  is just too good and they’re up same time but now super super cranky.

What’s funny to me is when I start talking sleep with the mama of a Night Owl. I’m not sure who’s more horrified. The Night Owl mama at my bub’s early wake-ups or me at their late nights. I can’t imagine Little Mister and Miss up at 8pm. Eating dinner, playing with toys and having a bath. They would be FERAL and I would be losing my sanity. Just thinking about it makes me anxious.

Of course, I know the Night Owl Mama could not imagine getting up at 5am either and watching the sun rise through blurry eyes with their kidlets. I’ve done it so many times that after I stumble around for 10mins, I’m wide awake and its hungry morning feeding time!

So are you a mama to a Night Owl or an Early bird???

Licensed Clothing – Love them or hate them?

Superhero TwinsI used to hate licensed clothing. It puzzled me why it was so popular.  I thought Mickey Mouse, Pepper Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine made clothes look cheap and tacky. I didn’t buy any for Little Mister and Miss (except a matching Superman and Supergirl outfit but that doesn’t count). The only other ones we had were gifts and hand me downs from friends and family.

But that was waaaaaay before the twins became toddlers and dressing them became an Olympic event. Now I get annoyed when clothing doesn’t have an interesting character on it. How am I meant to convince Little Mister to stop running around the house nudie-rudie with a plain t-shirt??? Batman and Superman are much better at convincing my two to get dressed. I especially love licensed pajamas! If its a hard-to-dress-day then the twins will be in licensed clothing.

Whoever invented licensed clothing is a genius.

Toddler Translations

When you have a toddler (or two!), you’d be forgiven in thinking that you’re speaking a different language. Whatever you say they seem to do the opposite. So for all those soon-to–be-mamas-to-toddlers, here are some ‘translations’.

You say: Don’t Touch

Toddlers hear: Grab it and quickly run before mama can take it off you

You say: Come back here

Toddlers hear: Run away as quickly as possible

You say: Give that back

Toddlers hear: Throw it as far as you can and then run

You say: Don’t eat that

Toddlers hear: Stuff as much in your mouth as possible and swallow.

You say: Its bedtime. Time to go to sleep.

Toddlers hear: Pajama Party!

You can try reverse psychology but that doesn’t work either. Nothing works. Wine and chocolate (for you, not them!) does make it better though :-D

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